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MILLIONMIRRORS/ icons & graphics
by droobles and nodorono
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13th-Feb-2010 02:19 pm - To thrill you I'll use any device
buster/ how to be a detective
47 ICONS;;

The second and much smaller batch of new icons for today. Mostly Lady Gaga, with a slight side-flavour of Mercury, Page and Entwistle. Enjoy, comments are still much appreciated!

24/ Lady Gaga
14/ Freddie Mercury
4/ Jimmy Page
4/ John Entwistle

I'll pull and I'll pill youCollapse )
13th-Feb-2010 01:43 pm - Though I'm with you I'm far away
buster/ how to be a detective
98 ICONS;;

New layout, new icons! This is the first bunch of two as I have had a little much free time in  my hands this year so far. Almost hundred Jackson-themed icons, now hosted in Imageshack as Photobucket fucked up the image quality in the old ones as you might see. I'm sorry about that. Enjoy! Commenting is l.o.v.e! ;)

46/ Janet Jackson
52/ Michael Jackson

My head's spinning like a carouselCollapse )
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